What is an ECU?

The ECU or Engine Control Unit is a computer responsible for controlling important engine functions, including the ignition timing, the amount of air or fuel entering the engine.

Like any other computer, the ECU has software with different settings. Changing these settings can change various performance or behavior characteristics of the car. This process is called electronic engine optimization or electronic tuning.

Do I need an electronic engine optimization?

When leaving the factory, the car has software with some settings that in most cases are not optimal. Why? The manufacturer must ensure that the car operates properly anywhere in the world, from extremely low temperatures of the arctic to the scorching temperatures of the desert or to extreme heights where the amount of oxygen is extremely low. Moreover, the car must work even if the service intervals are missed and regardless of the quality of the fuel used. Often the engine is artificially restricted to fit a certain range of products.

By optimizing the software settings you can achieve improved performance as well as better fuel consumption, without affecting the reliability or lifespan of the vehicle.

What are the benefits of this process?

Better responsiveness

Better car responsiveness when pressing the throttle pedal

Smoother power delivery

The engine will deliver smoother power, easing city use of the vehicle

Better acceleration

Better acceleration, helps you overtake faster and increases driver security

Lower fuel consumption

Up to 10% lower fuel consumption

Increased performance

Increased engine power and torque by up to 30%••

Easy to use

The highest gain is in the middle of the power band, exactly where you need it every day

A personalized offer, just for you

If you can't find your car on the list, contact us.

A Team Performance optimizes each installed software individually. By carefully adjusting the air and fuel quantities in the engine and the ignition timing••• we can achieve higher performance without compromising the reliability or service life of the vehicle.

The fuel consumption of the vehicle depends very much on how the vehicle is operated. Under these conditions, we cannot guarantee a reduction in consumption for all optimized vehicles.
•• The power or torque increases vary depending on each engine as well as the technical condition of each vehicle. To see more accurate figures about each vehicle, please use the selector on the site or contact the nearest A Team Performance representative.
••• These are just some of the elements that are changed during the optimization process. In addition to these there are many others that we modify to keep the vehicle reliable and get better performance.

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