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Cookies are small text files that include information about a user’s activity on a website and store them on the device used to access the website. Cookies are not harmful to your device and allow us to provide you with a better browsing experience and a faster response on our website. Any additional information, including that which allows us to send you advertisements, will be stored only on the basis of your prior consent to be expressed by indicating your choice in the cookie banner displayed when accessing our website, or by any of the means specified below.

We encourage you to read the following information carefully for a better understanding of the types of cookies we use and how you can personalize the use of cookies based on your preferences.

Types of cookies that we may use on the website

Our website may use both cookies that do not require your consent to be downloaded to your device and cookies that can only be downloaded with your prior consent.

1. Required cookies (does NOT require your prior consent): they are necessary for the operation of the website and allow you access to the relevant elements (browsing cookies): these are mainly session cookies. We may also use functional cookies that allow us to save your preferences and settings and improve your browsing experience on our website (by registering your preferences regarding the acceptance or not of profiling cookies). In order to ensure the proper functioning of these cookies, as well as to ensure the registration of your preferences, these cookies will not be deleted when you finish browsing. However, these cookies will have a period of validity (no longer than 30 days) after which they will be automatically deactivated. These cookies and the information included in them will not be used for purposes other than those described above. Installing technical cookies does not require your prior consent: we automatically set them on your device when you access the website or request certain items. You can decide to disable cookies at any time by changing the settings of the relevant browser. However, this may prevent you from viewing the website correctly.

Technical name
Purpose Cookie type
Expiration Domain Information
surbma-gpga Cookie Privacy Technical 30 days Record your agreement to the use of cookies

2. Profiling cookies (requires your prior agreement): our website also uses profiling cookies, which can only be installed with your prior consent. In addition, our website may also set cookies belonging to third parties, provided that you always express your prior consent to such installation. These third parties may access the information collected through their cookies. These third parties are:

Google Inc. (through its Google Analytics and Google Doubleclick services and, where appropriate, through the Google Plus plugin)

Facebook (via plugins)

Technical name
Purpose Cookie type
Expiration Domain Information
_fbp Advertising and measurement Third party – Facebook Session Cookie used to analyze and measure the effectiveness of ads and measure the recurrence of users on the site.
_ga Analysis and measurement Third party – Google 2 years With the help of an anonymous unique ID (the user cannot be identified) the pages a user enters and the activity on the site are measured.
_gid Analysis and measurement Third party – Google 2 years With the help of an anonymous unique ID (the user cannot be identified) it is measured how a user uses our site.

Profiling cookies may include, as defined by the European Regulators in the field of personal data protection, profiling cookies for advertising purposes, retargeting cookies, social media cookies and analysis cookies, other than those used exclusively for the purpose of aggregate statistical analysis.

– Preferred cookies: allow a site to remember information that changes according to how the site behaves or looks, such as your preferred language or region. In some cases, these cookies may be included in the category of cookies required, in order to allow the version of the site applicable to the geographical region in which you are located to run.

– Statistics cookies: collect information about how visitors use a web page, such as which pages are the most popular, which method of linking the pages is most effective, and whether users receive error messages from the pages of Internet. These cookies allow us to offer users a high quality user experience, to test different versions of the page and have the role of helping to improve the way our website works, as well as the demographic segmentation of the audience, which more far is used in personalizing advertising if this purpose is allowed.

– Marketing cookies, which may include:

    • Profiling cookies for advertising purposes: they create user profiles for advertisements that correspond to the preferences expressed by users in web browsing;
    • Retargeting cookies: these are used to serve advertisements for products that are similar to those you are interested in or measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns (conducted by us or third parties);
    • Analysis cookies: they record your choices and activity on our website to perform a statistical analysis, for us or for third parties, by tracking your preferences and your browsing behavior, and to serve personalized advertisements for your;

Social media cookies: moreover, our website allows certain social networks (eg Facebook) to install their own cookies through their plugins. These cookies are administered directly by third parties and may also be used to serve ads that are in line with your preferences when browsing other websites.

  • All these cookies are installed only with your prior consent. For this reason, when you access our website a special banner is displayed which:
  • informs you that our website uses cookies to measure traffic and audience on the site, to integrate its functions with social networks and to personalize advertising, and also that we offer them to our social networking, advertising and advertising partners. analyzes information on how you use our site, and
  • gives you the opportunity to express your choice regarding the use of cookies that our website installs on your devices (except for the necessary ones, which are installed automatically when you access the website). After expressing your choice, the cookie banner will disappear. We will track your option / consent (if applicable) via a specific technical cookie. As a result, the cookie banner will no longer be displayed if you visit our website again in the future. If you decide to delete technical cookies, please keep in mind that we will lose track of your options / consent and, as such, the cookie banner will be presented to you again on your next visit to the site. our web. You can decide at any time, at your discretion, to block the settings of profiling cookies (whether they are analysis cookies belonging to third parties, social media cookies, retargeting or profiling) or to withdraw your consent expressed in advance without affecting your ability to visit the website and benefit from the relevant content. If you would like to learn more about this, please read carefully the policies regarding third-party cookies that are available at the following links below.

How to enable and disable cookies

All cookies (technical cookies and profiling cookies) You can decide if you want to allow the installation of cookies by using the settings section of your browser. However, if you disable one or more cookies, certain elements of this website may be affected as a consequence (please note that browsing cookies are required for the proper functioning of basic elements of the website). The browser configuration related to this choice can be monitored and changed in the settings section of your browser. Please select your browser from below to receive information on how you can change the relevant cookie settings. – ChromeFirefoxIEOperaSafari

Third-party cookies requiring consent: The installation of profiling, retargeting, analytics and social media cookies belonging to third parties, as well as any other activity related to such cookies, including the collection and processing of information, will be responsibility of such third parties. If you wish to learn more about these cookies and third parties who may access the information collected or how it may be activated or deactivated, you may read the policy of such third parties regarding cookies by clicking on any of the following links: – FacebookGoogle

The processing of users’ personal data is performed by A Team Performance, based in Oradea, Bihor County, str. Depozitului, no.35, in its capacity as data operator. If you would like more information on the methods and purposes of processing, as well as on the exercise of rights granted to users under the General Data Protection Regulation and the e-Privacy Directive applicable at EU level, please read our data protection policy carefully. We encourage and encourage you to regularly review this Cookie Policy to become aware of any changes to it.

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