Performance software

This product represents the electronic optimization of your vehicle. It is divided into several levels, called Stages. Performance will increase gradually, depending on which Stage you choose, but any of them will allow you to drive on the street without making too many compromises. Below you have each Stage explained.

Stage 1

The Stage 1 optimization has been specially designed to work in harmony with the factory parts and does not require any physical modification to your vehicle. It is perfect for everyday use. The reliability of the vehicle remains the same but the gains are significant. Under certain conditions, fuel consumption decreases significantly. The extra power will help in overtaking traffic and will give you security.

Stage 2

Stage 2 optimization requires additional vehicle modifications. You can get superior performance, and your car will become much more aggressive and sporty. It is a recommended upgrade if you want to participate in Track Days. We recommend that you service your car more often and be more careful when using it. The changes that may be necessary for this optimization are: a less restrictive exhaust, a sports filter, a larger intercooler etc. Contact your nearest A Team Performance representative for information specific to your vehicle.

Stage 3

Stage 3 optimization involves major changes to your vehicle’s engine. This optimization will fit best with a larger turbine, as well as other modifications, depending on each vehicle. We will extract even more power, the performance will be close to the physical limits of the engine. In this case, more frequent car services are mandatory and great care must be taken in use to maintain optimal operation. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Race software

If a Stage 3 optimization doesn’t satisfy you and you want more from your vehicle, there is the possibility of a custom optimization that will take the last drop of performance out of your vehicle. This type of modification is recommended for racing vehicles. Major changes will be required to the entire vehicle. As this is a custom change, you need to contact us for more information.

Gearbox software

Automatic gearboxes also use a computer to control various functions. For this reason we can electronically optimize the gearboxes and you can get much improved features. We can offer various levels of performance, which we detail below. For more information, contact us.

Gearbox Stage 1

The Gearbox Stage 1 optimization, for automatic gearboxes, was designed to accompany an engine optimization. You will keep the same daily ease of use, the gear changes will be more refined. Instead, when you want more, the gearbox will be prepared with much faster gear changes and a higher rev limiter.

Gearbox Stage 2

Gearbox Stage 2 optimization is recommended along with Stage 2 engine optimizations and above. Even if the refinement of the gear changes in daily use is preserved, this optimization is designed for superior performance. Gear changes will be ultra fast, speed limits are even higher. Depending on the car and gearbox model, you will benefit from additional functions (Launch Control, gear change indicator, etc.). In manual mode, the gearbox will not change gears on its own. You can find more details at the nearest A Team Performance representative.


Dyno Service

Our customers benefit from professional measurements on the 4×4 dynamometer we have. You will find out on the spot how much power your car has, before and after the software optimization we install. And you get the power graph of your car!

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Car diagnostics

We can perform computerized car diagnostics for most modern car brands. Also, for some brands, we can offer coding / activation of various functions and extra modules.

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